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Born in New Orleans on June 14th, Tiffany Stewart, the only child of a strong, independent, single mother spent most of her time exploring new hobbies.


By the age of 8, Tiffany found companies in different musical instruments such as the trumpet, violin, and her favorite, the piano. Still on her musical journey, at the age of 14, Tiffany joined the church choir and from there she began taking choir classes at school. She found herself attracted to writing and would often cut choir classes to focus on her new found passions, creative writing and poetry.


Under the mentorship of Ms. Sunni Patterson, Tiffany started reciting poetry at cafes and live shows. After a casual conversation with an acquaintance in April of 2009, Tiffany was getting ready to discover the dream she was made for. Her personality, background, and swagger had Tiffany thinking; she knew she had just about all of the ingredients to be a force in Hip-Hop.


In August of 2009 Tiffany recorded her first song, in which led to the solid belief in herself. Early that following year, Tiffany formed a Hip-Hop duo. The group enjoyed great successes over the next few years, but Tiffany and her partner decided it would be best for them to go their separate ways.


In the summer of 2018, Tiffany was struck by a car as she was crossing the street, this event, single handedly, changed her life. Completely. She decided she needed to make a few changes in her life, so, the 6 ethics of life are what Tiffany started living by. From this, her name changed from T.Stewie to STU6. Rebranding herself as well as her music was now at the forefront, and the vision became ever so clear.


STU6 is busy in the lab. She is working and getting ready to release  another single, as her debut single, “Back to the Future" is out now on all streaming platforms!

"Back to the Future" is a high energy track that reintroduces motivation in a new light. It has a vibe that is enticing and genuine in its authenticity. "Back to the Future" is defiant and nostalgic, it embodies back-to-basics with the spirit of a modern artist. Being from New Orleans, STU6 is able to bring a particular sound to the industry that has allowed her to create her own lane.



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